Endeavours and Misfortunes


Endeavours are business ventures taken on by the Rogue Trader’s Dynasty and their retinue. They represent a vast number of possible tasks carried out for profit. Examples of Endeavours may be – establishing an Imperial Colony, ferrying vast numbers of pilgrims into the expanse, exploring uncharted star systems, or establishing trade between the Calixis Sector and a world/system in the Koronus Expanse.

Endeavours range in their significance and, consequently, in their rewards. Once an Endeavour is completed, the Dynasty (and all players in the retinue) gain a bonus to the Profit Factor, increasing the overal wealth. Endeavours have a necessary series of tasks to fulfill, each worth a certain amount of points towards completing the Endeavour. Sometimes the retinue may complete an Endeavour with more points than were necessary. If this is the case, the Profit Factor is further increased.

Besides Dynasty-based Endeavours, individual members of the retinue may be presented with personal Endeavours which, when completed, will further add to the Profit Factor.

Occasionally, Endeavours may also present other possible rewards for completion besides Profit Factor.

All current and completed Endeavours will be listed in this thread. None will be listed until the campaign actually begins.


Misfortunes represent events and calamities which befall the holdings of the Dynasty. Rogue Trader Dynasties have numerous enemies, sometimes from within their own ranks, who scheme to reduce the wealth and influence of the family. Misfortunes cover events and schemes which specifically reduce the Profit Factor of the Dynasty. Such events may be – pirate raids on holdings in the Expanse, a sector-wide slump in trade in the Calixis Sector, or a smear campaign by a rival Dynasty.

If Misfortunes are not addressed quicjly, the loss to the Profit Factor will become permanent.

Endeavours and Misfortunes

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