Lord-Lieutenant-Primus Antonius Augustus

Long serving Naval advisor of House Cole, Senior Crewman of the Ghost


Important Skills

  • Command: The First Officer’s presence must inspire no less loyalty and obedience than his Lord-Captain’s.
  • Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader): Mastery of the fleet patois is necessary if one is to communicate fully with subordinates.
  • Intimidation: One who inspires fear inspires respect.

The First Officer treats Command as a Trained Basic Skill
when dealing with his crew. If the First Officer possesses
the Command Skill, he receives a +5 on all Command Tests
made aboard ship.


Though a Lord-Captain’s power is absolute, his time and energy are finite. Someone must stand at his right hand, acting as his voice and serving as an instrument of his will. The First Officer speaks and acts with the full authority of his Lord-Captain, ever prepared to assume the mantle of leadership should his Lord become indisposed.

Lord-Lieutenant-Primus Antonius Augustus

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