Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers

Step 1: Choose Strength
Psy Rating
1/2 Psy Rating
The power requires no check to use and activates. No roll on Pychic Phenomena.
Psy Rating
If doubles are rolled on the test check for Psychic Phenomena.
Up to Psy Rating +3
Automatic Psychic Phenomena check at +5% per +1 Psy Rating.

Step 2: Focus Power
To manifest the power the Psyker makes a skill or characteristic test (As determined by the power they are trying to use).
The Psyker adds +5% to his focus power score for each level of psy rating. A roll of 100 always indicates failure.

Cumulative Effects: Benefits generated by psychic powers do not stack, only the highest applies.

Detecting Psychic Techniques: All Psykers can Test PSYNISCIENCE when psychic techniques are in effect in their presence in order to determine the source.

Sustaining Multiple Powers: Maintaining more than one power reduces the Psy Rating of each power by the number of powers you are sustaining. No additional roll is required but if the Psy Rating of a power drops to zero it ends. If the character suffers Psychic Phenomena while maintaining multiple powers, he gets a +10 per power being maintained.
Opposed Tests Vs. Multiple Targets: The Psyker rolls once. NPCs may roll as a group or individually.

Range and LoS: Psychic powers that are targeted directly against other individuals require the psyker to be in range of the power and have line of sight or be otherwise aware of the target.

Psychic Phenomena Table (pg 160).

Psychic Powers

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