Fel Hand


Dimensions: km long, km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: megatonnes approx.
Crew: approx.
Accel: gravities max acceleration

Game Statistics (includes Complication and Component modifiers)

Speed: Manoeuvrability: + Detection: +
Void Shields: Armour: Hull Integrity:
Morale: (Max ) Crew Population: Crew: ()
Turret Rating: Weapon Capacity: Small Craft Capacity:
Space: ( used) Power: ( used) SP Cost: (Total )

Essential Components

Type Name Power Space SP Special Rule
Plasma Drive
Warp Engine
Geller Field
Void Shield
Ship’s Bridge
Life Sustainer
Crew Quarters
Auger Arrays


Name Location Power Space SP Strength Damage Crit Rating Range Special

Supplemental Components

Name Power Space SP Special Rule

Fel Hand

The Murder of Crows Skampaw