Active Dynasty Based Endeavours

# Name Theme Description Requirements Current Objective Scale Achievement Points
01 Operation Succubus Military, Criminal, Exploration, Creed Track and destroy the ‘Crow Mother’ Investigate the Crow Mother’s dealings with the Ventan Iron Hands Captain and ‘the Baron’ on Port Wander Epic 0
02 A Phoenix Rising Military, Criminal, Exploration, Trade Restore the fortune and status of House Cole Undertake Endeavours to raise the Dynasty’s Profit Factor Epic 0
03 Macro-cannonball Run Exploration Create a Macrocannon trade route from Zayth Establish a Warp Route to Zayth Grand 0
04 You never write, you never call Exploration Re-establish contact with the Svard system Establish a Warp Route to Svard Grand 0
05 Crime sometimes pays Criminal Vladaym Tocora of the Kasballica wishes to speak with you Travel to Footfall to meet with Vladaym Tocora Lesser 0
06 I don’t know what it is, but i want one Exploration Establish a Cold Trade from the Blasted Cineris Malificum Establish Promising Archeosites Grand 0
07 A Naval Engagement Military Naval Commander Larius Sans wishes to speak with you Meet with Larius Sans on Port Wander Lesser 0

Active Personal Endeavours

# Name Character Theme Description Requirements Current Objective Scale Achievement Points
01 A dish best served Cole Lord-Captain Elias Cole Miltary, Criminal Bring his family’s murderers to justice Investigate the possible involvement of rival Houses and Criminal Organisations Monumental 0
02 The Holy Grail Artificer Princeps Serverus Exploration Obtain the fabled STC database Investigate Magos Thraun’s disappearance on False Hope Monumental 0

Completed Dynasty Based Endeavours

Completed Personal Endeavours


The Murder of Crows Skampaw