Eldar Ranger Long Rifle

Long barrelled Eldar sniper weapon

weapon (ranged)

Ranger Long Rifle

The favoured weapon of the Eldar Ranger is the Ranger long rifle, a long–barrelled sniper weapon not dissimilar to the long las used by Imperial snipers. Whereas the long las is an upgrade to the humble lasgun, the Ranger long rifle is a more advanced las–weapon entirely, seemingly custom grown for the user, tailored perfectly to their eyesight and grip. Whereas the artificial crystals used in Imperial las–technology struggles to maintain a focused beam over long distances, the psychically grown crystals used by the Eldar are able to focus a tight beam over a much greater distance, allowing a skilled user to punch through weak points in armour at great distances.

Exotic Weapons Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt Cost Availability
Ranger Long Rifle Basic 200m S/–/– 1d10+3 E 2† 40 Full Accurate, Reliable 2kg 8,500 Very Rare

†When used with the Aim action, the penetration of the
Ranger long rifle’s next shot is doubled to a maximum of 4. If
the wielder Aims as a Full Action, the penetration of the rifle’s
next shot is tripled to a maximum of 6.


Eldar Ranger Long Rifle

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