The Murder of Crows

Sepherus Secundus - Gorganid Mine

The acolyte’s first assignment was to travel to the frozen industrial world of Sepherus Secundus to support the Planetary Defence Forces there in investigating and putting down the dissent that had been sown within the population of mine workers by the clandestine group ‘the Brotherhood of Malice’ lead by the recidivist figure known only as ‘the Enunciator’. The initial unrest had nearly escalated into full scale rebellion, and the mines had been sealed following the disappearance of a platoon of PDF troopers who had been patrolling within. Upon arrival, they were briefed by Commissar Nihilius as to the current situation, and also spoke with a now crazed trooper that had been on a previous scouting mission into the mines. Shortly thereafter, the acolytes entered the Seal and traversed deep into the Gorganid mine, where they rescued the Guard Captain Praetorius and the medicae Dyner from crazed mine workers. But their further delving uncovered a far darker secret in the bowels of the mine, an area known as the Shatters. They discovered that the Enunciator had been using his sway over the miners to have them excavate at a specific set of co-ordinates. Their digging had uncovered bizarre, xenos crystals that were disturbing to look upon and glowed with a sickening pink light. Their radiation had warped many of the miners into twisted, mutated horrors that stalked the dank depths of the mine. Having battled their way past many of the hellish beings, the acolytes discovered that the Enunciator and the Brotherhood had been loading much of the quarried crystal onto a void capable transport ship and they had returned to the surface, via a hidden servo-lift, with the last of their fell cargo just hours before.
The acolytes rigged the excavation site with explosives, and fought their way desperately through the mutant horde to the central core of the mine, only just managing to stay ahead of the wretched creatures and falling debris as the mine shafts collapsed as the explosion tore through the lower levels. Initially their short range vox communicators couldn’t penetrate the tons of rock overhead to call for assistance, but thankfully Serverus was able to use the mining equipment at hand to boost the signal strength. Just as their ammunition was running low, and the filthy, screeching, mutated hordes were closing in, the pilot of the team’s Guncutter, Drake, mounted a daring rescue by flying down through the mine’s core to reach the acolytes stranded below. The team clambered aboard as the platform to which they had clung began to give way under the cutters immense weight, but as Arbitrator Lionus turned to steady himself on one of the cutter’s landing struts, a horrific creature of monstrous proportion grabbed hold of him and they tumbled into the dark depths of the mine as the platform collapsed beneath them.



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