The Murder of Crows

Icenholm - Inquisitorial Competition

The acolytes returned to the Inquisitor’s manse in the city of Icenholm on Sepherus Secundus.
The Inqisitors Adept, Lazarus, assisted the acolytes in determining where the Enunciator was likely headed. With Lazarus pulling some strings, and with a show of force and authority, they learn from the starport traffic controllers that a likely ore hauler, the Malefactor left orbit earlier that day. They also learn that when starport officials attempted to inspect the cargo ahead of departure, they were attacked by a number of the ships crewmen. A brief firefight ensued in which several security personal were injured and a number of crewmen killed. One however was taken alive and detained. It was explained away as an isolated narco fueled incident by the ships seneschal, and the transport was allowed to depart without a full inspection to prevent its late departure ‘causing an administrative headache for port authorities’.
The acolytes, suspecting the seneschal to be the Enunciator, and the crewman a member of the Brotherhood, are granted their request to speak with the prisoner, only to discover that he has been snatched whilst being transported to the detention facility.
The acolytes follow the ‘liberator’s trail to an old hab block in a run down part of the city’s lower levels. The crewman is being guarded by mercenaries, seemingly recruited from Icenholm’s criminal element. Mira covers the team from a snipers hide across the street while the others move inside to secure the crewman. A vicious gun battle ensued as the acolytes literally smashed their way through the stained glass walls of the hab. But as the acolytes manage to grab the crewman, an Inquisitor of the ordo malleus, Inquisitor Valentine arrives with reinforcements and gives chase. Heavily outnumbered and outgunned, the acolytes fled the building and bundled the crewman into a hover car, speeding off with the Inquisitor’s cadre in hot pursuit. A high speed chase through the streets of Icenholm ensued with a high level of collateral damage. The acolytes only escaped Inquisitor Valentine’s clutches by fleeing back to the manse where Lazarus had a company of PDF troopers loyal to Inquisitor Kaede waiting to protect them. Inquisitor Valentine was furious to be robbed of her prize, but backed down and led their cadre away from the manse, vowing to exact her revenge.
The crewman was taken away by Lazarus for interrogation. Three days later Lazarus informed the acolytes that the cargo hauler was bound for Iocanthos at the Enunciator’s command. The crewman had not survived the ‘questioning’.



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