The Murder of Crows

Golgenna Reach - the Pilgrim's Folly

The acolytes leave Sepherus Secundus aboard the Brazen Sky, destined for Iocanthos.
However, whilst in warp transit, the ship suddenly develops a critical fault with its Life Support systems.
The small voidship drops out of warp space.
Drake detects a large, derelict starship, the Pilgrim’s Folly, drifting in the vicinity. He scans it and discovers that it should contain the parts required to repair the Life Support.
They dock with the much larger ship.
The acolytes split into two parties to search for supplies and the required replacement parts.
The starship is in strangely good condition, but it’s plasma drives and auspex arrays appear damaged and inoperable, and its corridors are depressurised and seemingly abandoned.
They discover strange, beetle-like robotic creatures apparently rewiring and reconfiguring the starship.
Delving deeper into the ship, they encounter members of the crew, now horrific, violent fusions of flesh and machine. Mira uses her skills in zero gravity to make her escape but Brother Serverus is captured when his cybernetics are short circuited by a form of EMP weapon. He awakens as his leg is being forcibly amputated and replaced with a limb of ‘Living Metal’. The procedure is undertaken by Dr Havelock, a brilliant scientist that was captured, enslaved and merged with the technology of the ancient Necrons to become a Pariah, whilst on an expedition to investigate a newly discovered pylon on what turned out to be a Necron Tomb World. Havelock tells Serverus that he intends to use the Brazen Sky’s auspex system’s to boost the Pilgrim’s own, to convey a ‘virus’ to all craft that intercept the signal.
Serverus has his cranial circuitry reconfigured by the Pariah. Serverus returns to the Brazen Sky, disables the locking mechanism on the outer airlock before attacking and critically wounding Adept Lazarus before Drake and Cole can over-power him. The scarab beetles converge on the Brazen Sky and begin to connect its auspex wiring to the Pilgrim’s. Having set delayed charges on the Brazen Sky’s bridge, Drake and Cole don void suits and float across to the outside of the Pilgrim leading the unconscious Serverus and Lazarus as the machine horrors storm the Brazen Sky’s now unsealed airlock. The pair head towards a lighter bay where Cole had earlier discovered a ships boat that appeared untouched by the scarabs.
Meanwhile, Mira unintentionally finds herself in Havelock’s inner sanctum, a cargo hold where the retrieved pylon sits wired into a mechanical ‘throne’ and to the Pariah himself. He is flanked by two hulking abominations of metallic claws and torn flesh, Flayed Ones.
Havelock informs Mira that there is no longer any means by which she can escape. He offers her the choice to join him in mechanical symbiosis, or to die in agony. Mira takes the third option and tells Havelock to ‘go fuck yourself’. The explosion from the detonating Brazen Sky rocks the cargo hold and gives Mira her chance to escape. She dashed from the hold into the labyrinthine bowels of the ship, with the Dr screaming in rage behind her and the Flayed Ones in close pursuit. As they close in, Mira ruptures an H2O tank as she passes. This causes the Flayed Ones to slip, buying her the few seconds she needs to throw herself into the Life supports drainage system where she is flushed from the Pilgrim into hard vacuum. It is only her life experience as a Void Born that allow her to survive long enough for Cole and Drake to recover her in the stolen ships boat and make their escape.



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