The Murder of Crows

Aftermath - A New Era

During the voyage to Scintilla, someone onboard briefly shuts down the Gellar field during warp travel. The momentary increase in the raw energies of the warp are enough for the daemon to take full possession of Mira for a time. It stalks the warp haunted ship, feeding off Mira’s knowledge of stealth and killing to cut a bloody swathe through the crew. However, Mira manages to regain some self-control as the Gellar field is reactivated and brings the mindless slaughter to a halt, but her soul and mind are forever tainted by the daemon’s cruelty and inhuman lusts, and she becomes the symbiotic abomination now known as ‘The Crow Mother’.
The Crow Mother escapes from the Emperor’s Grace in a shuttle.

Serverus and Cole are ‘rebuilt’ with extensive use of cybernetics. Serverus maintains the xenos leg that was grafted to him.
Cole’s family on Scintilla are murdered – he inherits the Cole Dynasty and with it the Warrant of Trade. He buys the Lord Drusus from the Imperial Navy, and with the help of Serverus has it repaired and refitted. He renames her the ‘Ghost of Golgenna’ after the calamity that befell her and his family.

The Crow Mother joins/founds criminal and mercenary organisations to aid in her search for the ‘Dread Pearl’. She sows terror across the Calixis sector with her terrorist activity. She has confirmed dealings with the Enunciator.

Inquisitor Kaede tasks Cole, Serverus and crew to search for the Crow Mother and stop her finding the Dread Pearl, whatever that might be. The Inquisitor selects some members of his cadre and assets to serve aboard Cole’s ship. This importantly includes the Adeptus Astartes Librarian Thoros, as the Inquisitor wants to ensure that the Crow Mother never succeeds in possessing another soul covertly again.

Over a number of years, the ‘Explorers’ pursue the Crow Mother across the sector, battling with many of her allies, but she always seems to stay one step ahead. Gabriel Haarlock, the former cold trader, turned begrudging servant of the Inquisition, turned Master-of-ship aboard the Ghost, receives word via his spy master Tycho Rhett that the Crow Mother is making haste for the Koronus Expanse for reasons unknown.

The ‘Explorers’ head for Port Wander, Gateway to the Expanse and give chase…

Mission Primaris – Track down and destroy the Crow Mother – prevent her obtaining the ‘Dread Pearl’
Mission Secundus – Find and ‘secure’ the Enunciator



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